Come on out and see us sometime...
PRO Stitch is easy to reach from all directions. Travellers going north or south on I-55 in Central Illinois need only find Exit 82 at Pawnee. Heading east on Rte. 104 will take you right past PRO Stitch (we're on the south side). If you're coming south from Springfield, or east from Charleston/Matton/Shelbyville/Effingham, visitors should take Illinois Rte. 29 to the "Wal-Mart corner" on the Northeast corner of Taylorville and turn west onto Rte. 104. From that intersection, it's just 2½ miles to the shop.

PRO Stitch isn't hidden in the woods, or tucked away in a neighborhood garage where it's impossible to find. In fact, the 5 acres making up the PRO Stitch compound allow trailered vehicles, large boats, semi-tractor trailers, buses, campers and RVs to park and turn around comfortably.

It gets busy, and it gets packed, inside the 2,400 sq. ft main building at PRO Stitch. A reception area and service counters give customers a place to peruse material samples, talk about their rides, or wait on minor repairs. In some instances visitors are escorted back into the project build area to view "in the works" cars and see the quality of a PRO Stitch build.

An additional 1,012 sq. ft. of loft space gets material stocks, sundries and spare parts up off the floor and out of the way. And if fills up fast because PRO Stitch supplies all of the materials needed for a vehicle as well as spare seats and other items needed to get a project rolling. Two additional storage buildings allows long-term storage for projects, or temporary under-cover storage for customer vehicles.

Don't worry about your special ride being too big. At PRO Stitch we can handle it. An oversized overhead door allows entry to the main bay. Large double-size implement doors allow semi trucks, tractors, and yachts to be completely contained inside while the project is in progress. Check out the gallery section for pics of the 43-foot long triple-wheel limo that received a new vinyl top...completely inside our installation area.So What are you Waiting for?

Find out more about our facility and policies in our Frequently Asked Questions section. Or, if you have a specific question that's not address in the FAQ, drop us a line right here.

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