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1) I have a “normal” car. Do I need a shop like PRO Stitch?
Everybody needs PRO Stitch. PRO Stitch Auto Interiors and Upholstery, Inc. prides itself on being a custom upholstery shop. But custom does not mean just one-off show quality interiors or only exotic vehicles. Each project at PRO Stitch is assessed and undertaken based on its individual need and merit. A simple tear in a commuter car seat base is as important to our staff as a custom leather interior in a ‘32 street rod.

2) My car is my baby. Is it safe at PRO Stitch?
We treat all cars like they were our own. The staff at PRO Stitch understands the investment, and oftentimes emotional attachment, a customer can have with their vehicle. The utmost care is taken to ensure that your vehicle is returned to you in better condition than when it was dropped off. Vehicles receive periodic chamois cleanings and dusting to prevent damage to the finish. Cars are also carefully covered when not being worked on, either with a shop cover or one provided with the vehicle. In addition, PRO Stitch employees are insured to handle and drive vehicles and the facility is insured against damage to customer projects.

3) How did you arrive at the price on my project?
Because PRO Stitch is able to tailor repairs to your needs, it is difficult to assign an across-the-board price tag to a particular job. Except for late model headliner installations (which have standard pricing) work is figured using a labor/material formula. The current hourly shop rate is well below the national industry standard (call for current rates). Because we don’t know what damage or decay can lie underneath the surface, no guaranteed estimates are ever given. The final total is presented at the time the vehicle is picked up. But, because we know the importance of sticking to a budget, should a job appear to be heading out of your preferred budget range, we will contact you and discuss how you would prefer to proceed.

4) Which material is right for my job?
Stock or custom, repair or full replacement, anything is possible at PRO Stitch. When a customer arrives at our facility for an initial inspection prior to work, several questions are asked to determine the best route to take. Should a customer choose, the exact material used in the original build process can be used for the repair. Alternative, aftermarket materials are also available for use and can be substituted for the original. The materials carried by PRO Stitch are made for the upholstery market and can withstand the use demanded in a vehicle project. Marine projects are completed using marine grade vinyls (to better withstand the harsh effects of lake water and sun on vinyl), and vehicles use automotive grade materials for the best results. The choices and cost of materials is discussed with the customer during the inspection phase.

5) Will my repair look right?
Yes. The best gauge of a repaired interior is that you don’t even remember it was repaired. PRO Stitch strives to make every repair look as stock and factory as possible. The Detroit Color and Material Matching System is used to determine the exact material originally used to create your interior. In some instances, original material is either no longer available or has taken on specialty status and has become cost prohibitive. Because of our large supplier network, we can usually substitute an alternative material that will look close to stock in the repair.

6) How long will it take to work on my car?
Through the magic of television, even the most complex construction job, whether it be on a house, car, furniture, or person, can be completed in a half an hour. In reality, fabrication and construction can take many hours to complete. Vehicle interior repairs are broken into two categories at PRO Stitch. Daily repairs are holes, tears, headliners, convertible top replacement, and general fixer upper jobs to keep a vehicle looking nice and remaining in tact. If your vehicle is having a daily repair done, you can expect the work to be completed in one to three days. In-depth projects can include full interior replacements, custom alterations, rebuilding rotted and decayed seating and interiors on antiques, and creating one-of-a-kind specialty items for hobby vehicles. PRO Stitch staff works with each customer to determine how quickly a job needs to be completed. Some work is timed to coincide with body work, mechanical work, and show schedules throughout the year. Other work, when told there is no rush to completion, is put in a “as time dictates” rotation. An average interior reconstruction job could take one to three months, so customers are encouraged to work with Pro Stitch for scheduling in winter months, outside of the regular car show schedule.

7) How can I pay for my work?
Cash and checks are accepted at PRO Stitch, along with financing options if approved. To date, credit cards are not an accepted form of payment for projects. With the exception of headliners, shop policy dictates pre-payment for materials being ordered to complete a project. In addition, this payment secures your spot on the work schedule. That means a timely repair happens and you can get back on the road.

8) I want to schedule my vehicle for repairs.
Depending on the time of year, the PRO Stitch work schedule ranges from two weeks to five weeks delay in taking in jobs for repair and large projects. Headliner replacements can usually be completed within two weeks of scheduling. The suggested