Sure, we do a LOT of work on cars at ProStitch. But cars are not the only vehicles on land, or water, that need expert upholstery repair and replacement. Bring us your motorcycle, your boat, your 4 Wheeler, your...well, whatever it might be. We have tons of non-traditional experience when it comes to upholstery and repair. Don't throw it out or replace it until you've let us have a look. You might be able to save yourself a lot of money and continue to enjoy that cherished golf cart, sail board, riding get the idea.

We Love Bikes...
We loooove bikes at ProStitch. Motorcycle customization is one of the fastest growing fields in the upholstery industry. And we love working for bike owners because they've got some great imaginations and they love to go to the extreme with a radical design. We can do stitch-ins, logos, flames, extra padding, backs, ups, extenders, thigh pads, calf pads and more. Show us what you want padded on your bike and we'll make it happen. Find out more about ProStitch and the services we provide by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions file.

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