Interior Uglies Can Happen to Anyone...
What takes the most abuse in your car? It's not the engine...or the tires. Those things are tough, they're made to handle abuse. No, the most abuse your car is forced to endure happens in the interior. Every time you go anywhere, you're stressing seams, bringing in dirt and destroying the fabric, vinyl and stitching that makes up the interior of your automobile. Remember when you first got you swore you'd never get mud on that new carpet? You vowed to vacuum every week. You told anyone who would listen that the kids would not bring food anywhere near those beautiful seats. You tried...for awhile..but, come on! You can't use your car without abusing your car's interior. Now, it's been a few years, there are some rips...and the headliner is hanging in a couple of spots and that cool seat warmer thingy isn't working anymore. Friend, you have yourself a case of what we call the "interior uglies".

Take Stock...
Be honest: how's your auto interior? Maybe there's a rip there...a seam pulled over here...some stains...what? you can see metal? It sounds like you've got the interior uglies. There is help. You need professional auto interior need Pro-Stitch Auto Interiors and Upholstery, Inc . Well, hey! What a coincidence! You just happen to be on our website. Welcome! Take a minute to find out how we can help you battle the interior uglies.

"I Don't Have the Time...or the Money..."
Pro-Stitch has been fighting the interior uglies throughout Central Illinois for many years now. We understand that getting your car looking good is important, but you might be worried about the cost or the time you'll be forced to go without your car. Stop worrying, just pick up the phone and call Pro-Stitch. Headliner replacements, ripped seats, carpet repairs, heated seats...those are all standard repairs that won't leave you without your wheels for more than a few days. And most standard repairs aren't going to set you back more than a car payment. Which, if you think about it, is money you'll get back when you trade because interior condition is a key part of trade-in evaluation. A good looking interior can increase your trade-in value by hundreds of dollars, especially on an older car.

Did you say Custom?
Famous American photographer Ansel Adams shot weddings and class reunions to pay the bills. They were some pretty awesome wedding pictures but they weren't art. When it came to photography, Ansel was really all about the art. Here at ProStitch, we do headliners and carpet repairs to pay the bills. Yeah, they're some really good carpet repairs but, like Ansel, we're also all about the art. Do you have an awesome custom that needs a topline, "snap your head back" interior? ProStitch Custom and Restoration interiors have been honored at local, regional and national car shows. We've also had our work featured in national automotive and hot rod publications. At ProStitch, master designer and owner Russell Stare will take your ideas, your dreams, your quirks, the personality of your car and the limitations of your budget into account as he creates the most amazing interior you could ever possibly imagine. Then, he and his staff will take that awesome interior from imagination to reality. Want a sample? Just click the pix at left. Don't blame us if you get drool on your keyboard.

So What are you Waiting for?
Do you have questions about your project or our services? Look over our Frequently Asked Questions section. We might be able to answer your question for you right now. Do you think you might have a case of the interior uglies? Then it's time to take that first step towards a great looking daily driver or an outrageous custom creation: call Pro-Stitch at 217-824-3228. Or, drop us a line right here. Either way, when you've got Pro-Stitch on the case, you can rest assured that the interior uglies will no longer be a part of your life.

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