One Sweet Ride...
This '32 Ford roadster came into the shop as nothing but a fiberglass body sitting on an aftermarket chassis from Kilbourne Rod Shop.

You may think you've got bare...but this was bare. Not a square inch of fabric anywhere on it. The ProStitch design gang is responsible for the materials, the design and the installation. And we would like say, quite modestly, it rocks.

The material is a two tone Allante leather alternative and cut pile carpet.

ProStitch designed, patterned and built all panels.

We can make Frankenstein construction look good, too. The seats are from a mid 80s Chevrolet Cavalier convertible with shaved headrests. We chose those particular seats because the tracks are narrow and don't interfere with the chassis when mounting. How would we know that? We're professionals. Do you need that kind of experience and expertise on your project? We haven't seen it all...but we've sure seen a lot. We would be happy to allow you to benefit from our years of wisdom and experience. Just give us a call!

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