It Keeps Going...and Going...and Going...
That is a 43 foot long stretch Lincoln limousine with triple rear wheels. The day it was delivered to the Pro-Stitch shop it just kept coming, and coming and coming through the door. This behemoth needed a whole new padded vinyl top. Following complete reconstructive surgery at the bodyshop, this limo was pulled through the front door of ProStitch and didn't stop until it was nearly touching the back wall. How do you replace a nearly 38 foot long vinyl top? The same way you replace a 4 foot top, only a lot more of it. Hours of scraping and cleaning the old top were followed by installation of the new foam padding. Then came the installation of a custom-made, center-seamed vinyl replacement top. That's one incredibly long, amazingly expensive, continously applied piece of mistakes allowed. It was a tense afternoon of application, but the results were spectacular.

So you say you don't really have the need for a new top on a 43 foot limo? Not many do. This is one unique vehicle. According to the limo's owner, this car is a television star. If you remember the Robin Leach hosted television show "Life Styles of the Rich and Famous" you might remember this exact vehicle cruising through the opening credits. Now, thanks to ProStitch, this mammoth testament to the excesses of the 80s is still making some "Caviar Dreams" come true in Central Illinois.

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