You'll do a Double Take, then You'll Look Again...
So what do you do with a stock 1993 Buick LeSabre, about 25 yards of material and a bunch of free evenings in the shop? Oh, and don't forget the owner telling the trimmer to "do what you think would be cool." It's not really resto-custom, even though it uses the original seat style. It isn't a full-on hydraulics. It definitely doesn't fall under the "hard look" of modern style street rods. So how does Plusho-custom grab ya? Comfy seats, soft material, quiet and easy, and pillows....lots and lots of pillows. You might also notice several Pro-Stitch logos throughout. We got so caught up in the project, that some time contributions led to what is probably our only "sponsored" project.

Car owner Shane Sanders of Taylorville, Illinois nabbed the 93 for $750 just a day before it was to be sent to auction. Not being one to drive a stock anything, let alone a four-door grannymobile, Sanders decided on 20" Cabo wheels with spinners and a bright green metallic paint job. A simple enough task for local painter A.J. McKinney, owner of Perfection Paint and Body, also in Taylorville. Shaved trim, frenched antennaes and louvers added to the outer look of the project.

But it just so happens that PRO Stitch was finishing up a custom chopper seat in Jolly Rancher green metallic vinyl when Sanders wandered in to show off his color choice. What a match! And right off the roll. A few lines of welting on the inside would sure brighten things up. But then, of course, if you're taking the seats apart for welting, it shouldn't go back together with wear marks and burn holes. So the Carmel Swirl Velour was a bright and fetching choice for the seat pillows, dash, doors and headliner, along with green buttons for tufting and lighted welting on the rear deck and ceiling.

One thing led to another, and another....and another, and December 2005 the "Game Over" Buick LeSabre rolled out for the first time at the Taylorville Christmas Parade, and earning Best Walking Display for PRO Stitch.

During it's first season showing in Illinois and Missouri, the Game Over LeSabre earned several Best Interior awards and two Best of Show awards at both judged and spectator choice shows. From grannymobile to Plushocustom with the help of a few twisted minds.

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