1964 Chevy Impala: A "Resto-Custom" Restoration...
Each of the four vehicles featured in the Restoration section of our Custom Gallery represents one of the four levels of restoration. Each level depends on your ultimate intentions for the vehicle, your personal preference and, of course, your budget.

The red and black 64 Chevy Impala interior above is an example of "Resto-Custom". This level of restoration takes the interior back to the look and feel of the era, but without strict adherence to historical accuracy. This example takes the original look of an interior and adds a few small tweaks. The pictured interior uses diamond spots instead of round; black welting instead of mylar; and crosshatch cloth inserts in the same style as the original. Another major change to this particular example...the car came in with an all tan interior. A more specific type of restoration would have required that the interior be restored to the original tan. The owner preferred the snazzier red/black design. So, ProStitch painted and dyed the dash and panels, and completed a full color change while restoring the interior.

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