1949 Hudson Commodore: An example of "Museum" Quality Restoration...
Each of the four vehicles featured in the Restoration section of our Custom Gallery represents one of four levels of restoration. Each level depends on your ultimate intentions for the vehicle, your personal preference and, of course, your budget.

Museum quality restoration strives to make the vehicle look exact for display purposes. This 1949 Hudson Commodore stepdown was made with a museum setting in mind. The internals of the door panels and underlying structure were made using modern materials and padding. Covers are made from original reproduction mohair cloth and Naugahyde vinyl sewn to an exact match of the original interior.

Although incredibly detailed, there is a step beyond the "Museum" level of restoration. Concourse restoration takes time, money and patience. During a Concourse Level Restoration, all facets of the interior are dissected, studied and duplicated for a "showroom fresh" and perfect look. Where the underlying structure of this Hudson is made of modern materials, during a Concourse Restoration, original structural materials and original style coverings are used. Then, stitching and binding methods are used to duplicate the original.

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