1972 Olds Cutlass Holiday Convertible: An example of "Original" Restoration...
Each of the four vehicles featured in the Restoration section of our Custom Gallery represents one of four levels of restoration. Each level depends on your ultimate intentions for the vehicle, your personal preference and, of course, your budget.

This good looking red 1972 Cutlass convertible with the white interior is a good example of an "Original" restoration. Original restoration takes an interior back to stock. It's not showroom perfection or museum quality, but it will ultimately look like a very well maintained driver from the era. During a stock restoration, ProStitch is willing to use pre-made seat covers, headliners and panels, as was the case with this 72 Olds Cutlass Holiday convertible. However, we would prefer to make covers and panels specifically for the particular subject of the project. The more custom construction, the higher the quality of the sewing and the fit.

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